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Tasuta kohaletoimetamiseni on 299

Brinno BCC100

  • Vana hind: 253 €
  • Toote ID: 239972
  • Tootja kood: BCC100
  • Laos: 5+ tk

  • Kohaletoimetamine Eestis: 2-5 tööpäeva

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  • Maksimaalne video resolutsioon: 1280x720 (HD)
Brinno Construction Camera BCC100
Maksimaalne video resolutsioon1280x720 (HD)
Gross depth (mm)267.00
Gross height (mm)71.00
Gross weight0.70
Gross width (mm)170.00
Net weight0.45
Packing quantity1.00
Tare weight (kg)0.25
Volume (m3)0.00
Embeeded batteryNo
WEEE taxYes
WEE classificationCL109:5:2017-04-01
Producer product nameConstruction Camera BCC100
Other featuresJobsite Camera Months of construction captured in minutes of time lapse video! The Brinno Construction Camera is the effortless way to record any construction project. Set it and forget it. Create a time lapse video recorded at the rate you choose and played back at the speed you select when the project is complete. Dedicated Project Time Lapse Camera Do you still use a DSLR to capture construction photos? Then spend a lot of time combining those photos into a time lapse video? Drop the traditional way, now you have better choice! Brinno Construction Camera produces Ready-to-View time lapse video in the camera with one button! You never knew how easy it could be! Over 2 Months Battery Life Brinno Construction Camera operates on long-lasting batteries. 4 AA batteries can last up to 4 months. You never need to worry about finding a power outlet! 100% DIY Wire-free, tool-free, worry-free! No complicated power cord wiring to set up, no complicated video post-processing, easy to set-up, easy to use! Features. Instant video BCC100 captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video instantly. LCD Viewfinder The 1.44” LCD screen allows you to frame your subject simply. Long Lasting With a set of batteries, 270,000 frames can be captured. F1.2 Aspherical Lens Better low light recording and sharper images. 140° Angle view 140° field of view. A wider area is captured creating panoramic images of your project. Weather Resistant IPX4 weather resistant housing, let you records any project, indoors or outdoors. Worker friendly, Easy to set up! No Professional photographer is needed to setup and operate or relocate the construction camera. Any worker will be able to get the job done. Amazing battery life World record long term, battery operated construction camera, with an outstanding 4 + months of battery life.
Technical featuresCamera Model: BCC100. LCD Screen: 1.44" TFT LCD. Rotate Lens: 120°. Waterproof: IP X4 (In use with Weather Resistant Housing (ATH110)). Capture Mode: Time Lapse: Various time interval. Stop Motion: Optional, (In use with Shutter Line (ATS110)). Optics Lens Aperture: f1.2. Lens type: Aspherical Lens (glass lens). Field of View: 140° (480P) 112° (720P). Focal Length: 18 mm (35mm equivalent). Focus Distance: 30 cm (Minimum). Recording: Time Lapse Video: Format: AVI, Resolution: 1280x 720, 640x 480. Still Image: Format: JPEG (only for using Shutter Line), Resolution: 1280x 720, 640x 480. Memory Storage: SD Card (Supported up to 32 GB). Time Interval: ASAP: Captures 1~ 4 photos per second. Custom: From 1 second to 24 hours. Power: Power source: Battery: 4 AA Batteries. DC IN: 5V (Micro USB connector). Battery Life: Captures 270,000 photos at ASAP time interval.
Box contentsTime Lapse camera, Weather Resistant Housing (ATH110), Camera Wall Mount (AWM100), Rubber Strap.
Plastic (No PET)250
Supported network protocols
Chassis type
Lens type
Camera type
Memory slots
  • Kohaletoimetamine Eestis: 2-5 tööpäeva
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    Laos: 5+ tk

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