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Livia XR001 (50 tk) näomask



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3-7 рабочих дней
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5+ шт.

Disposable surgical face mask type II CE
Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE)> 98%
Without glass fibers
Very low resistance to breathing
Nose bar adaptable
High filtration capacity
Perfect fitting
CE marking and CE approved
The package contains 50 disposable masks
Made in China
Surgical mouth and nose protection type II CE is suitable for both consumers' everyday expenses and professional work. Used properly, a single-use effective mouth and nose pad helps significantly prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
This type II CE surgical mouth and nose guard filters up to 98% of bacteria. The cover is three-layered, hypoallergenic and made without fiberglass. The protector has rubber loops placed behind the ears and a shapeable nose part, which makes it fit well on different models of faces and also helps it to stay firmly in place.
The protector significantly reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria into the environment when a person coughs or sneezes. The mouth-nose guard also reminds you not to touch your own face unnecessarily now, which clearly reduces face contact and thus prevents bacteria and viruses from moving from hand to face. Careful hand hygiene and face masks significantly reduce the spread of infections.
The product is not a respirator and does not protect the user from airborne particles or infections.
How to use:
Attach the mouth-nose cover with earbuds with clean hands blue side out
Press the nose gasket closed on both sides of the nose arm
Pull the lower edge of the cover under the chin
Remove the face shield from the ear loops after exposure and avoid contact with the face
Throw the cover in a closed rubbish bin or bag.
Wash or disinfect your hands well!
Never use a damp or already used mouthpiece cover!
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