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Rommelsbacher ER300 Egg boiler



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3-7 рабочих дней
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With this attractive egg boiler for the small household, you can cook up to three breakfast eggs reliably to the point. High-quality materials and an easy operating concept convince even grouches. The cooking is time-controlled with always the same amount of water, so that you can quickly find the right setting for the preferred degree of hardness. From soft to hard, totally individual by using the practical rotary knob. The cooking time is monitored electronically and a signal tone sounds after expiration; then the finished eggs can be removed quickly and safely together with the egg tray, can be chilled and served. The integrated overheating protection, the easy-care heating bowl made of stainless steel, the measuring cup with egg piercer and the practical cord take-up are further plus points of this first-class kitchen helper.

  • with electronic cooking time supervision
  • rotary knob to adjust the time-controlled degree of hardness
  • removable insert for 1 - 3 eggs
  • stainless steel heating bowl, easy to clean
  • signal tone, dry-boil protection, LED pilot lamp
  • detachable, transparent cover
  • practical cord take-up
  • Including: measuring cup with egg piercer
  • power 300W
  • weight 0,59 kg
  • dimensions 20,7 x 8,1 x 13,6 cm
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3-7 рабочих дней

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