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Pinge (V)19 < V
KirjeldusROIDMI Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Powerful suction for deep cleans
Powered by 100,000 rpm brushless DC motor, Roidmi F8 generates strong suction power. Engineered to captures down-deep dirt from carpets, floor cracks, and within mattress.
Lightweight design for an effortless cleaning
Roidmi F8 uses simplicity as design concept to achieve its all-white elegant appearance while allowing it to remain lightweight and user-friendly. With the total machine weighs 1.5kg, it is light and handy to clean all around your home and car.
Long-lasting battery to clean entire home and car
A high-performance LG lithium battery provides up to 55 minutes of powerful suction with a cleaning area of 350 square meters (3,800 square foot) and up to 10 minutes under max power mode, enough operating power to clean all around your home. An intelligent power management system is also incorporated to ensure the battery is used at its best possible performance.
Air filtration and purification
With the four-layer filtration system, the Roidmi F8 intercepts hair and dust, filters allergen and dirt, and releases with purified air. The filtration system effectively absorbs participles as small as PM0.3 and provides purification rate up to 99%.
Maintain the floor while cleaning
The soft woven nylon roller brush is designed especially for delicate clean of wooden floor. It removes dust while polishing the wooden floor at the same time.
Dig deep into the carpet to remove pet hair and dirt
The carbon fiber brush is suitable for multi-tasking and complex floor situation. It can capture and remove dirt and pet hair deep within the carpet.
Anti-mite brush to clean invisible danger
The electric anti-mite brush employs the flexible nylon brush combined with rubber stip. With independent built-in motor, it removes mites, germs, hair, and dander all at once.
Convenient car cleaning
With its cord-free versatility, it is light and small enough to reach every nook around the car interior.
Intelligently connect to APP
Automatic notification for abnormal situation
Roidmi F8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can connect to your phone through Bluetooth. With the Roidmi Intelligent Life APP, you can check the battery power, cleaning time, and receive alerts for cup cleaning and filter changing. The APP also tells you the calorie consumption index for doing the cleaning. You can also use the APP to upgrade the firmware of the vacuum to help you achieve the best cleaning experience.
Seadme maksimum kaal5.9 kg
Kaal ilma pakendita2.6 kg
Shipping box quantity1
Lisatarvikud komplektisElectric machine, Metal Connecting Rod, Filter, Mattres Brush, Rolling Brush, Multi-function Brush, Extension Hose, Magnetic Wall Mount, Power Adapter, Cleaning Brush
PatareiLithium-Ion rechargeable
Kaal pakendis0.03936 cubm
Noise level, max83 dB
Mõõdud1191x259x158 mm
Shipping Box Width20.5 cm
Shipping Box Depth60 cm
Shipping Box Height32 cm
Shipping Box Weight5.9 kg
Battery capacity2500 mAh
Rated power380 Watts
Charging time2.5 hours
Dust bin capacity0.4 l
Vacuum cleaner typeCordless
Full Description LineVacuum cleaner type Handheld/Cordless|Rated power 380 Watts|Voltage 28.8|Battery capacity 2500 mAh|Dust bin capacity 0.4 l|Dimensions 1191x259x158 mm|Unit Net Weight 2.6 kg
  • Kohaletoimetamine Eestis: 2-5 tööpäeva
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    Laos: 5+ tk

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